GCWA Board Members

The GCWA’s Board of Directors consists of nine members. Each director is appointed for two-year terms with seven members appointed by the Galveston County Commissioner’s Court, one member appointed by the Brazoria County Commissioner’s Court, and one member appointed by the Fort Bend County Commissioner’s Court.

Statute specifies for the Galveston County appointments that two directors are recommended by the Industrial Advisory Committee, two directors are recommended by the Mainland Municipal Advisory Committee, one director is recommended by the City Council of the City of Galveston, and two directors are appointed at-large. The Brazoria County and Fort Bend County directors are at-large appointments.

GCWA Board of Director Appointments:

Director Position Representation Term E-mail Address
James McWhorter James McWhorter President Municipal 2013-2015 jmcwhorter@gcwater.org
1030-Russell Jones-board Russell Jones  Vice-President Fort Bend County At-Large 2013-2015 rjones@gcwater.org
Sue Edrozo 03.25.2014 R. Sue Edrozo Secretary-Treasurer Industrial 2013-2015 redrozo@gcwater.org
Gary Potter Gary Potter Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Municipal 2014-2016 gpotter@gcwater.org
James Cesarini James Cesarini Director Industrial 2014-2016 jcesarini@gcwater.org
CliffMock Cliff Mock Director Brazoria County At-Large 2013-2015 cmock@gcwater.org
Shane Hamilton Shane Hamilton Director Galveston County At-Large 2014-2016 shamilton@gcwater.org
Ray Holbrook Ray Holbrook Director Galveston County At-Large 2013-2015 rholbrook@gcwater.org
GeorgeBlack George F. Black Director City of Galveston 2015-2016 gblack@gcwater.org