Water Quality Reports

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) contracts with approved laboratories to analyze our drinking water produced by the Thomas S. Mackey Water Treatment Plant. The links to the files below include the most recent analyses of minerals, pesticides, herbicides, volatile organics, synthetic organic chemicals, radiochemicals, haloacetic acids, and trihalomethanes found in our drinking water. This data is provided annually to each customer of the GCWA for incorporation into their annual Water Quality Report.


Water Quality Reports

These test reports include results of treated drinking water collected and analyzed by approved laboratories.

Minerals Analysis (January 2015)

Metals Analysis (January 2015)

Pesticides Analysis (January 2015)

Semivolatiles Organic (SOC) Analysis (January 2015)

Single Mineral (Cyanide) Analysis (January 2015)

Trihalomethane (THM) Analysis (September 2014)

Haloacetic Acids Analysis (September 2014)

Trihalomethane (THM) Analysis (July 2014)

Haloacetic Acids Analysis (July 2014)

Volatile Organic Compounds Analysis (July 2014)

Semivolatiles Organic Analysis (March 2014)

Single Mineral (Cyanide) Analysis (March 2014)

Pesticides Analysis (March 2014)

Minerals Analysis (March 2014)

Metals Analysis (March 2014)

Carbamates Analysis (February 2013)

EDP & DBCP Analysis (February 2013)

Haloacetic Acid Analysis (HAA) (May 2013)

Herbicides in Drinking Water Analysis (February 2013)

Metals Analysis (February 2013)

Minerals Analysis (February 2013)

Pesticides Analysis (February 2013)

Semivolatiles Organic Compounds  Analysis (February 2013)

Trihalomethane (THM) Analysis (May 2013)

Volatile Organic Compounds Analysis (July 2013)

Semivolatiles Organic Analysis Report (March 2012)

Minerals Analysis (March 2012)

Pesticide Analysis (March 2012)

Radiochemicals Analysis Report (March 2012)

Haloacetic Acids Analysis Report (July 2010)

Trihalomethanes Analysis Report (July 2010)

Volatile Organic Compounds by CG/MS Analysis Report (July 2010)

Herbicides in Drinking Water Analysis Report (January 2010)

Metals Analysis Report (March 2007)